Cases of the wives and children of workers in high-exposure industries developing the disease are not uncommon. Whatever treatment your doctor recommends, it is likely to be very expensive. Without the compensation you deserve from the employer who caused your disease, the financial burden mesothelioma specialists could be too much to bear. It’s imperative that all relevant defendants be properly identified and that all applicable statutes of limitations are observed. This means lawsuits must be timely filed, with the clock typically starting to run at the time of asbestos illness diagnosis.

attorney lawyer mesothelioma

Located in Southfield, Michigan, the Fieger Law mesothelioma and asbestos legal team of expert lawyers have fought for justice for clients who have suffered from asbestos exposure—and we win. I worked with some of the largest premier law firms in the U.S., managing over 250 lawyers at a time, but Kazan was the best, most premier firm in my career. It’s not just their expertise, it’s their passion, experience, dedication and compassion for each client.

Types Of Mesothelioma By Location

These minerals break down into fibers that can be separated into durable threads used in industrial and commercial applications and products. Because of how resistant the fibers are to malignant mesothelioma cancer heat, asbestos has been used across various industries, from construction projects to automotive manufacturing. Each lawyer’s case history sheds light on their track record of success.

attorney lawyer mesothelioma

Their attorneys have the knowledge and resources to fight negligent asbestos companies. Experienced asbestos lawyers win the largest settlements for their clients. It’s important to seek an attorney with a proven track record of success. If you have a history of asbestos exposure, report any asbestos lawsuit settlements of these symptoms to your doctor immediately. Mesothelioma is incurable, but the earlier it is diagnosed, the more treatment options a patient has. Many of the worst corporate offenders who used asbestos for decades have filed for bankruptcy due to the large number of cases against them.

Do I Have To Travel To Meet With My Mesothelioma Attorneys?

You need to find a good lawyer who will be deeply committed to your case and willing to fight on your behalf to get the compensation you may deserve. Your mesothelioma lawyer should be someone who has in-depth knowledge and expertise in asbestos litigation. Our mesothelioma law firm handles all asbestos lawsuits on an individual basis. This helps ensure that each of our clients gets the personalized attention and results they deserve.

attorney lawyer mesothelioma

In addition to filing a mesothelioma legal claim, you may be able to get compensation from asbestos trust funds. Compensation from mesothelioma legal claims has helped past clients afford medical expenses, mortgages or rent payments, utilities and countless other expenses. It has also kept beloved family members financially sound if someone passes away from mesothelioma. Because mesothelioma is an especially deadly cancer that has no cure, wrongful death mesothelioma lawsuits are common.

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