If you are suffering from mesothelioma, you will probably need extensive and costly ongoing treatment. A lawsuit will not cure your ailments, but a mesothelioma settlement or other award can help considerably with medical bills, and other costs related to the disease. Compensation typically provides financial relief for mesothelioma patients and their families.

asbestos cancer lawsuit

Occupational exposure to asbestos is the most common cause of asbestos-related illness but family members can be affected as well. Asbestos may have been tracked from the jobsite on clothing or shoes, where it is brought into the home to contaminate the air, food preparation areas and other surfaces. If you’re ready for help, please feel free to schedule mesothelioma class action a free mesothelioma consultation today. Our friendly, compassionate attorneys have the experience to help you through this difficult time. We understand you are feeling wronged, emotional, overwhelmed and lost – which is why we work so hard to help you navigate the process in a seamless manner, without confusion or additional life setbacks.

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Wrongful death lawsuits are filed by family members after the death of a loved one from mesothelioma. However, like personal injury cases, wrongful death lawsuits are filed against the parties responsible for the victim’s asbestos exposure. Personal injury lawsuits are filed by the mesothelioma patient after diagnosis. These lawsuits are filed against the parties liable for the patient’s asbestos exposure and resulting diagnosis. Compensation from personal injury lawsuits allows the patient to recover money for treatment, travel, lost income, pain, suffering and related costs. It’s important going in to know how the asbestos claims payout process works.

asbestos cancer lawsuit

He joined the firm in 2003, and currently helps direct the legal strategy for all of the firm’s asbestos and mesothelioma cases. These are only a few of the companies that declared bankruptcy and set aside funds in asbestos trusts. Contact us today to see if you may be able to file an asbestos claim. Since then thousands of victims of asbestos-related diseases and their families have used the court system to secure justice and hold asbestos companies accountable.

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In addition, you can describe the impact it has had on your family. Fibers and dust brought home on skin and work clothing can put others at risk. average mesothelioma settlement By checking this box, I consent to receive marketing text messages from Top Class Actions sent by an automatic telephone dialing system.

asbestos cancer lawsuit

Your mesothelioma case will be filed against the companies that made and sold asbestos products. The timeline of how you can file a mesothelioma lawsuit can vary by state. It’s highly unlikely you will have to take the case to a jury trial. According to Black’s Law Dictionary, mesothelioma cure around 95 percent of lawsuits settle out of court. Through a mesothelioma settlement, your attorney negotiates a dollar amount that the defendant is willing to pay. Lawyers can often help even if you aren’t sure when and how you were exposed to asbestos.

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