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mesothelioma oncologist

Working alongside these mesothelioma doctors is a team of experienced pathologists and radiologists, who help to ensure that every patient receives a prompt and accurate diagnosis. Mesothelioma is a rare and complex disease that requires expert medical average settlement for mesothelioma lawsuits care. Thankfully, experienced mesothelioma doctors can create treatment plans to help patients live longer. Patients should choose a mesothelioma specialist based on the doctor’s experience with their mesothelioma type, cell type, and prognosis.


When combined with other patient-specific information, the test allows surgeons to predict which patients will respond favorably to surgery and which should consider more aggressive experimental therapy. BWH has recently licensed this test to Castle Biosciences, a company which will soon make this available clinically. Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that develops in the lining of the body’s internal organs, called the mesothelium.

By asking questions, patients can build strong communication and trust with the medical team. Targeted treatment plans can improve mesothelioma life expectancy and relieve mesothelioma symptoms. Helps more than 50% of mesothelioma patients diagnosed annually in the U.S. The Mesothelioma Center at has provided patients and their loved ones the most updated and reliable information on mesothelioma and asbestos exposure since 2006. Todd Gersten, MD is a double board-certified medical oncologist and hematologist specializing in general adult oncology and hematologic disease. He is a physician partner with the Florida Cancer Specialists and practices in Wellington, Florida.

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Top mesothelioma doctors have the experience and resources to improve the quality of life for all types of mesothelioma patients. It’s important for patients to choose an oncologist who understands standard and emerging mesothelioma treatment mesothelioma compensation options. A specialist can recommend the best treatment options for a patient’s unique case. Top mesothelioma doctors across the country are also leading research for new treatments that could potentially extend patient survival.

mesothelioma oncologist

Pleural mesothelioma doctors work in cancer centers around the country. Smaller cancer centers may not have experienced pleural mesothelioma specialists. Patients may need to seek treatment in a larger cancer center to access the best pleural mesothelioma doctors.

Mesotheliomia specialists work in teams, so you benefit from multiple perspectives and areas of expertise. Dr. DaSilva serves as the program director of the International Midwest Mesothelioma Program as well as being the president-elect of the Thoracic Surgery Society of Illinois. In the past, people with mesothelioma lived for less than a year on average. Medical oncologists specializing in mesothelioma offer a full range of chemo and biologic therapies. Peritonectomy surgery removes the cancerous part of the abdominal lining. This involves staining the tissue sample with a substance that changes color when a certain type of protein is present.

mesothelioma oncologist

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