You will likely receive your compensation in installments rather than in one lump sum, especially if the settlement is large. You should discuss with your mesothelioma attorney how you want your payments distributed. A Texas jury awarded $18.6 million in 2014 to the surviving family of Carl top mesothelioma law firms Rogers, who died of mesothelioma after working at a Goodyear tire factory for 30 years. Rogers was exposed to asbestos-containing machinery parts and pipe insulation at the factory. Steel was ordered to pay $250 million to the wife of a former steel worker who died of mesothelioma.

asbestos cancer lawsuit

More than 4,000 plaintiffs filed asbestos lawsuits in the U.S. in 2019, according to a KCIC industry report. Combining all those lawsuits into a single class-action would not be ideal for each individual participant because each asbestos exposure case is unique. We have received many notable awards and verdicts national mesothelioma claims center for our clients since we became a national leader in the practice of asbestos and mesothelioma litigation in the early 1970s. The attorneys at Cooney & Conway secured a $200 Million verdict in a consolidated asbestos trial, and secured a $35.1 Million verdict in a single case for a refinery worker.

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There are also “open forum” states that may allow filing if no other suitable venue is available. Your mesothelioma attorney will help the process of organizing the details of your case go smoothly. While a trial verdict may result in a larger award of damages than a settlement might, there is no guarantee a jury will side with you. Qualified mesothelioma attorneys know there are no sure bets in a trial. Your attorney will manage communication between all parties involved and will guide you on when to accept settlement offers, when to hold out for trial and whether you qualify to file asbestos trust fund claims.

asbestos cancer lawsuit

They can do research and pull information from cases similar to yours to build the mesothelioma claim. Each mesothelioma lawsuit is unique, but all follow roughly the same legal process. Without a lawyer’s help, it’ll be very hard to file a lawsuit even if a veteran qualifies to do so. Connect with a lawyer to see if you can file an asbestos case without hassles. Hold Companies AccountableMesothelioma lawsuits allow you to seek compensation from the makers of asbestos-based products. These companies knew asbestos was life-threatening but used it anyway.

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Because asbestos-related diseases often take years to develop, many people are now contracting these diseases decades after their asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is considered an occupational disease since many of its cases stem from exposure to asbestos in the workplace. This means that it was your company’s negligence that led to your condition, and you deserve compensation. You will likely have lost wages at work or may have lost your job completely.

It is important to consult with an experienced mesothelioma lawyer since the statute of limitations can vary for each state. There are several types of asbestos mesothelioma lawsuits that can be filed to help you potentially obtain financial compensation. Your attorney will know which type of mesothelioma lawsuit to file for your specific case. Our mesothelioma law firm will help file mesothelioma lawsuit your lawsuit properly and build a strong case that shows your illness was caused by asbestos. By filing, you are making a choice to secure crucial resources for your family and to hold asbestos companies accountable. There are a few different ways to seek mesothelioma compensation, and we’ll help you select the best fit for your situation to maximize the money you may receive.

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