Weitz soon started to represent workers from the construction trades who had been exposed to asbestos. That means there is no up-front cost to hire a lawyer, and you pay nothing out of pocket. In the largest group asbestos verdict in New York history, Weitz & Luxenberg’s efforts on behalf of 5 workers who helped build and renovate New York City, resulted in a staggering $190 million verdict. The 11-week trial was especially hard fought and required 18 months of preparation. If your claim is successful, your lawyer will most likely be the one to distribute your compensation to you. You may choose between a lump sum or receiving payments in installments.

weitz and luxenberg mesothelioma settlements

Patients should speak to a mesothelioma attorney if they are considering filing a claim for compensation. Our lawyers have not only cultivated a bond of trust with thousands of thankful clients, but also have gone above and beyond to give each client complete attention and legal representation. We have helped over 50,000 people, and we expect to help thousands more. Even competing law firms refer numerous asbestos-related cases to us every year. Weitz & Luxenberg is one of the nation’s premier personal injury law firms, specializing in asbestos cases.

Why Should I Seek Compensation For Mesothelioma?

Globally, about 125 million people are exposed to asbestos at work. In the U.S. alone, more than one million employees in construction and general industries “face significant asbestos exposure on the job,” OSHA has estimated. Also known as white asbestos, chrysotile asbestos accounts for 90% to 95% of asbestos used in the mesothelioma litigation U.S. It is highly flexible, making it ideal for spinning and weaving, although chrysotile had historically been used in brake linings, clutch facings, joint compounds, and many other products. Exposure to chrysotile asbestos causes mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer, according to the World Health Organization.

weitz and luxenberg mesothelioma settlements

The actual mesothelioma lawsuit timeline is just one factor that impacts how long it takes to receive a mesothelioma payout. A mesothelioma law firm will review your case free of charge, and will only be paid if you win your case. Once the lawyer determines that you have a valid case, you can sign documents to work with the law firm.

Inspiring Stories From Mesothelioma Survivors

The lawyers at Weitz & Luxenberg worked with our client to document how he had been exposed and what manufacturers were involved. Even though he was very ill at the time of the deposition, he was able to give good descriptions of the products he had used and the general conditions in which he worked. To date, Weitz & Luxenberg has won more than $8.5 billion in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our asbestos clients. Asbestos exposure kills at least 107,000 people each year globally, according to the World Health Organization. It is estimated that about half of the deaths from occupational cancer can be attributed to asbestos. In addition, several thousand deaths annually are estimated to be caused by asbestos exposure in the home.

This form of cancer affects the thin tissues that line the chest, lungs, and abdomen. Using our extensive negotiating skills for our client’ benefits, Weitz & Luxenberg attorneys have achieved settlements and verdicts of a total $17 billion. A virtual army of nearly 500 lawyers, paralegals and support professionals, many solely focused on asbestos cases, is a show of mesothelioma tumor strength defendants cannot ignore. Often, our mere presence in a case is enough to prompt a settlement. “My Weitz & Luxenberg legal team obtained for me twice as much money as I thought I would be able to receive from my lawsuit. I was very pleased about that.” The jury found Johnson & Johnson was negligent in that it failed to act as a reasonably careful company.

How Is Settlement Different From A Verdict In A Mesothelioma Lawsuit?

Contact us to learn more about mesothelioma and your treatment options. Check to see if you qualify for asbestos trust fund compensation today. There is currently an estimated $30 billion available in asbestos trust funds.

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