Even veterans who didn’t necessarily operate in the trades expressed above were exposed to asbestos in their sleeping quarters, buildings, and in various ships, airplanes, and vehicles. The greatest risk, however, definitely lies with veterans in the trades listed above. Let’s take a look at how this breaks down in the different military branches. If you or your loved one is experiencing any of these symptoms and have served in the military, you may want to bring this information to the attention of your doctor. Your physician can help determine whether you have developed mesothelioma and what your treatment options are.

mesothelioma navy settlements

As a result, mesothelioma is more frequently diagnosed among Navy veterans than other branches of the military. Nearly 30% of mesothelioma lawsuits are filed by those exposed through military and shipyard construction. A U.S. Navyveteran developed mesotheliomafrom asbestos exposure during his work on ships and in shipyards while serving his country.

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However, these efforts were not enough to prevent mesothelioma in Navy service members who were already exposed. Manufacturers hid the dangers of asbestos from the military — in the name of profits — until the late 1970s, when lawsuits began to surge. Based in Massachusetts, Dr. Lebenthal is a renowned pleural mesothelioma specialist with years of experience surviving mesothelioma and other cancers a patient’s guide treating veterans. Certain VA benefits, such as disability compensation and pensions, can help make up for lost wages and caregiver expenses. Anyone working in or even walking through a shipyard was at risk of inhaling asbestos. Service members who worked directly with asbestos-containing products were not the only ones at risk, however.

This particular case required a 12-week jury trial which in this instance resulted in a multimillion-dollar settlement for the man’s surviving wife. If you or a loved one served aboard a Navy ship and have developed an asbestos-related disease, including mesothelioma or lung cancer, please call our office today for a free consultation. Sailors in the boiler rooms were required to understand how to operate, maintain and repair all of this equipment.

What Should I Do If I Was Exposed To Asbestos While Serving In The Navy?

A lawyer who asks you to do so does not have your best interests at heart, for the simple reason that no one can assure you that you a) have a case or b) will win it at the outset. At a reputable mesothelioma law asbestos lawsuit settlements firm, there are no startup fees, consultation fees or anything else – so don’t ever pay them. Because the legal process can be long and complex, it’s beneficial to get started on your case as soon as possible.

mesothelioma navy settlements

Asbestos trust fund claims can be filed if a veteran was exposed to asbestos-based products made by a bankrupt company that set aside money in trusts. The VA health care system offers cutting-edge treatment and cancer care for veterans with mesothelioma. The VA can properly diagnose cases of mesothelioma, and they even offer second opinions from mesothelioma specialists who work for the VA. Even if you don’t live near a mesothelioma specialist, the VA offers virtual appointments and remote case management that allows a specialist to oversee and direct your treatment.

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