After your claim has been filed, your mesothelioma attorney and their team will work to get you as much compensation as possible in the shortest amount of time. Lawyers for mesothelioma work with a legal team that has the experience, knowledge, and resources to give you personalized attention, medical information, and legal guidance. Work with a top Florida mesothelioma lawyer by contacting our Patient Advocacy Team for a free legal case review. Florida residents can give themselves the best chance of getting compensation and justice by seeking the help of a Florida mesothelioma lawyer. Army, he went on to earn his Doctor of Law degree from Southern Methodist University School of Law. He has helped recover some of the biggest verdicts and settlements in asbestos litigation history and is rated as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers.

top mesothelioma law firms

Visit the UCLA Health website to learn more about Dr. Robert Cameron. The FDEP Asbestos Removal Program focuses on reducing the release of asbestos into the air during renovation or demolition. Florida also had widespread mines, manufacturing sites, metal fabrication plants, and construction sites, which all heavily used asbestos. In addition, during the 20th century, Florida housed 5 asbestos processing plants. For example, Florida’s major seaports were historically — and still are — home to dozens of naval and commercial shipyards. Commercial and military shipbuilding were only two of dozens of high-risk asbestos-exposure industries.

What Are The Qualities Of A Successful Mesothelioma Attorney?

They also have contacts in the industry that can speed the process of gathering evidence. The best mesothelioma lawyers will know when to file your claim based on your state’s statute of limitations. This law mesothelioma information places a time limit on how long you have to file after your mesothelioma diagnosis. Your mesothelioma lawyer will know when, where, and how to file your suit — and handle all the heavy lifting for you.

top mesothelioma law firms

See More SettlementsWith us, you’ll find a law firm with a strong past performance in all types of asbestos cases, a firm who consistently delivers meaningful compensation to families nationwide. To see what some of these families have to say about their experience working with us, visit our Client Reviews page. At Sokolove Law, you will be represented by dedicated attorneys mesothelioma lung transplant who have access to the latest knowledge and information from medical experts who work with mesothelioma patients. Weitz & Luxenberg’s dedicated team of attorneys, investigators, and support staff defines how a successful asbestos-litigation firm should fight on behalf of its clients. Our attorneys handle most everything for you, making the whole process easier.

Industries And Occupations With High Asbestos Exposure Rates

On November 19, 2012, an Alameda County jury returned a $6,825,000 verdict against Ford Motor Company for Kazan Law clients Patrick and Sharon Scott. The jury found that Ford negligently living with mesothelioma exposed Mr. Scott to brake lining asbestos through the use of their products. Florin

top mesothelioma law firms

A lot of companies went out of business because of the costs of lawsuits. It also helps to know what to avoid when mesothelioma law firm looking for a mesothelioma lawyer. Be cautious of any attorney promising to win a specific amount of money.

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